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Ok Ladies my blog hop Criteria is :

Sparkle - interpret anyway you wish


Photo a day Project

Well i was hoping to start a photo a day this year but i am a bit late starting never mind i can catch up
Jan.1 - Homemade Chocolate Brownies, eaten at one minute past midnight
Jan.2 - The taking down of the upside down Christmas Tree
Jan.3 - Last year or the year before Emily Falconbridge did a 52 ? challenge and so i doing that this year as well .......
This is my first TAG Q1 - What I wish for 2011 ANS. To Simplify
Ali Edwards - One Little Word Project begins again this year..
Last year my word was HOMEMADE and i did pretty well with that last year..
This year my word is SIMPLIFY and i am very happy that it is the first answer in my 52Q tag book ..

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