Wow November already.

Well how exciting is my life right now ....
Not only did I make the beautiful and talented Jessica Upton's Colorcast Design team for the Holiday Season but I was also honoured to become a revered CSI Color Stories Inspirations Detective.

Just goes to show all those years of watching :
Starsky and Hutch
Charlies Angels
Midsommer Murders
Murder She Wrote
Magnum PI
New tricks
Diagnosis Murder
Death in Paradise

Have seriously paid off.

So now to get to work and produce some art/memeory keeping to show case both  Jessicas products and the awesome challenges over at CSI Please check them both out you can find links Colorcast here and Color Stories Inspiration here

Thank you both for choosing me to join your teams..

Colorcast Design with Pink Acrylic Hearts 

And Halloween with beautiful acrylic Bats ...

Thanks for stopping by - Marie 


CSI Colour Stories Inspiration

CSI  | Colour Stories Inspiration 

No. 176 

So the idea is to take this inspiration and knock out a LO.  How can you fail ?  The inspiration is in the gallery over at Color Stories Inspirations and the Case File tells you exactly what elements to add to your  LO.  Easy Peasy really ... 
They even include the colour panetoned for digi scrappers. 
Have i said how much i love this site. You will find the challenge here

So here is my take on No. 176 

This LO is of Emily a few years ago at a friends and family Australia Day BBQ. I love any excuse to get out and about with my friends and family and have a great time. The weather is always beautiful and often we find ourselves at the beach . 

No. 177

I love this case file it had such a woodsy feel to it. I even made my first You-tube video of picking a mini kit to make this LO..  So here is the end result . 

My take on Case File No. 177

We have quiet a few scheduled photoshoots on the calendar every year. Christmas, Australia Day, St Patricks Day, Easter and Halloween.  This one is from a St Patricks Day shoot a year when the kids refused to dress up but were happy to wear green and pose.  One has to take what one can get I suppose. So there you have it case file 177. You will find the challenge here 

Also and even more exciting from my point of view any is that I made a You-tube video!  My first!
I did my video on picking a kit to make this LO so if you're interested .......


Day |23 Breakfast on the porch with Brenda Smith

I would to introduce you all to my guest blogger today, welcome to an awesome lady Brenda Smith.
Please join me on the porch for breakfast and a lovely get to know you better chat.......

Good Morning everyone.  I am so excited to be guesting here today!  Head on up to the porch and chat with me!

 photo DSC_9364-4_6sm_zpsnsh1dckk.jpg

My name is Brenda.  I am currently residing in gorgeous Virginia, USA.  For the last 11 years I have been a SAHM to my 3 kids.  This year all of my babies are in school so I am job hunting. Until then my time is filled with housework, crafting, photography and exploring our state.

 photo DSC_7630sm_zpsn2a7hthb.jpg

 photo DSC_8538sm_zpsvew1tbwh.jpg

 photo DSC_7666sm_zpsm6ibalmt.jpg

 photo DSC_7779sm_zpsjqqgtla9.jpg

Isn't it beautiful?  These photos are from all different locations within 10-15 minutes of my house.  I am so lucky.

Tea Coffee or Bubbly:
  I am definitely a coffee person.  Recently I learned to make cold brew at home.  My life is now coffee complete.

 photo DSC_7867sm_zpsiojqu44x.jpg

Need I say more?  mmmm

Sweets or savoury:  
  hmmm  This is actually a hard one.  I love food.  Sometime I like to have something sweet and other times I want something savoury.  It really depends on the day.  Like today I am craving apples but yesterday it was cheese.  haha

How/When did you get involved in scrapbooking:
  In 2005 my first child started to make all these milestones that I really wanted to get down into memory.  At first I started with paper scrapping, just grabbing little bits of things from teh dollar store and an album from Walmart.  Then he hit 1.  He was into everything.  After he tried to eat the glue and paper for the "last" time I started to look for another way.  For quite a while I was digital scrapbooking and even designing digital scrapbook products.  For about 2 years now I have been back to paper scrapping and even a little hybrid scraps.  My kids are old enough not to touch my things or to scrap right along with me.  It is so much for fun this time around.


Impressionist Transfers |  Vinnie Pearce Design
 photo just like that700_zpsmpaql17a.jpg

Cedar Lane | Pink Paislee
 photo DSC_9257smr_zpsqo9mcw6e.jpg

What Design teams are you on:
  For the moment I am working for Pink Paislee, Paper Camellia, Gossamer Blue and am guesting for Citrus Twist.  Digitally(or hybrid) I design for Paislee Press, One Little Bird, Valorie Wibbens, Vinnie Pearce and The Lilypad.  It seems like a lot but I like to be busy.  I am sure it will slow down after I start working.

Favourite Products / Company:
  I love all the manus!  Seriously.  I don't think I have a favorite but I do love to work with anything Maggie Holmes, Pink Paislee and Crate Paper.  My favorite products are paper ephemera and pretty patterned papers.  I can create pretty much anything if I have those two things.

Photography equipment:
  I shoot most of my candid photos with my Iphone 5s and edit with Pic-Tap-Go and VSCOcam.  When I want to get better photos I use my Nikon d5100 with my 50mm and 35mm lenses.  Those photos are usually edited in photoshop with My Four Hens actions.

Do you have any hints or tips for taking good photos?:
  Basically just pay attention to angles and light.  Dramatic light from a lamp or window or back lighting/side lighting photos makes for some really fun and different images.  Take photos from all different angles.  I love taking photos from above my kids when they are playing.  Or getting down on their level to really see what they are doing.

Lamp light at 10:00 at night.  Shot with Nikon d5100 + 50mm lens
 photo DSC_5759sm_zpslrdv5zon.jpg

Shot with Iphone 5s | edited in VSCOcam + Pictapgo
 photo beach_zpsqphcznq6.jpg

my goals:
  I have really reached and gone well over the goals I had for this year.  I am working for some amazing people.  This year I was even able to add a design position to my scrap resume.  Paper Camellia has me designing cards and elements for their Everyday Life kits.  Ideally I would love to start creating full scrap kits and maybe posters/cards in the future.  For now I am just learning and soaking in all that I have.  I am so grateful.

Where can you be found on the web?

IG | FB | Blog | Pinterest | Twitter

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit today.  I suppose I should get to cleaning something or prep for dinner.  Have an absolutely lovely day!!!

I have so enjoyed this wonderful time with you Brenda and thank you so much for joining me today on the blog.


Day | 25 Music to connect with.

Music In My Empty Nest This Week 

Empty Nest bliss this week with all the children away. 
I had total control of music genre and sound level {loud} and of the T.V. 
How many more years is it before they all fly the nest ???
As I am not a religious or spiritual person I can't say that any particular songs speak to me. 
However the music and the beat behind the lyrics is another matter. 
I think my family can tell in which frame of mind I am by which type of music is playing on the Ipad.
Funnily enough this it has been set to Classical Play list ALL week.
I wonder what that says about my week at home alone.
Below I have added a few favourites from Classical play list. 

The Mission - Ennio Morricone 

Theme from Pirates of the Caribbean 
My ALL time favourite scene is in the first movie where Jack Sparrow
sails into dock and casually steps of the mast as the boat sinks.

This is a much loved movie in our home. 
The Leprechauns
Theme - Fly Away by Emma Townshend 

This is my on repeat piece of music at the moment.
Johann Sebastian Bach cello suite no 1 prelude in g major

My Spotify Classical Play List can be found here


Day | 24 Beautiful Blogs

Giving a Little Shout out to 
some of my favourite Bloggers .

Lucky I'm a woman and multi skilled. 
I can Read a blog, Watch television and Converse with family
 all at the same time.

| 1  The Paint Brush Goes Spottie

Leeane is a real life friend of mine and is such an inspirational talent
 please check out her blog and tutorials.
 I have been following her for many years.
You can too - here 

| 2  Tracey Holdyk

Although I have only recently met Tracey through Instagram,
I feel we are kindred spirits. 
Totally inspiring soul in everything she does
 and how she lives her life.
Please check out her awesomeness here 

| 3  Things you should know  (for Now)

Brandi is just a mind blowing talent. The Doodler supremo!
Some blogs are easy viewing picture after picture and I like those.
Some blogs are a very worthy read and their inspiration 
can be found in the pictures but also in the words.
A generous soul and a beautiful person.
Check here out here 

|  4  Purplemailbox

Link to youtube video with Soaphousemama 

Now this woman is just so amazing words can barely describe.
 I am constantly stalking her you tube.  
Please check her out for yourselves here

| 5  Betwixt & Between

Aimee and Chris are EXPECTING

Now as she is my daughter I really have to include her  - right? 
Seriously she is an amazing blogger on so many different levels. 
Photography, styling, PL, scrapbooking, out & about. 
Soon to be mother will add yet another string to her bow. 
Check it all out here

The list could go on and on but these are just some of the wonderfully talented people
out there I visit for inspiration.



Day | 21 & 22 Quote - Get Creative

Get Creative - Sheesh 

Ok so I have had a couple of bad days plus I have had family come to stay.
 So consequently I have fallen a bit behind with my daily blogging.  
But I was loving it so much I am determined to catch up. 

My life is a creative one..... 
I am going to incorporate 2 posts today.

Monday - A favourite Quote  | In the movie Sister Act 2 Sister Mary Robert says to Rita,
 " If when you wake up in the morning and you can't think of anything but singing first - then you're supposed to be a singer. " 
I wake up each morning yearning to be creative, to cook, to craft, to photograph so I do. 

Just thought I would add my favourite song from the 2nd movie and I might add my favourite hymn.

Tuesday - Get Creative |  So after reading the above quote, I get up every morning and my brain explodes with creative ideas in every area of my life, adornments, cooking, gardening, photography, styling and craft. 

So today I am sharing with you the above LO that I put together for a challenge over on the Citrus Twist Blog. The Recipe Challenge was from one of their most talented DT members and I would like to say a friend of mine and dare I say A MOST TALENTED scrapbooker - Emma

 Recipe :
  •  Die-cuts (at least 5)
  • layers
  • stitching (machine or hand)
  • 1 veneer 
  • Cut file (and if you want to be extra tricky, try and use it as a digital stamp and your title)

Day |16 Me VS Me basically.

Todays post is about the online ME VS. the Real Me.
Well todays post is going to be a short one then isn't it - NO DIFFERENCE.  End of story. 

Ok so if I have to elaborate - 

I feel that what you see is what you get either on social media or in person. 

Although on social media a photo can show just a square inch of your life and anyone can clean and tidy a square inch. 

Anyone can paint their face for a selfie, stage an awesome photo etc. and I am guilty of staging a photo as well. But on the whole people appreciate honesty and real life as well as a great photo. I am all for people improving their photography skills. 

I suppose I'm old enough to realise you are who you are and that's a fact. Be who you are whenever and wherever you are. The TRUTH  always comes out - always. 

So to sum up I am who I am on or off ..........

Chin Hairs and all ..


Day |15 The Archaeological Diggings of my life.

Over the eons there has many occasions on which I have been asked { scrapbookingly } to notate and document the strata { many layers } of my saddlebag. 
Image from seanconneryday.com

So lets tackle this dig chronologically shall we.
Lets delve into cataloging the exhibits.......

Pre historic   - aka pre children { foot loose and fancy free with a disposable income }
Back Pocket
  • Car Keys
  • Cash
  • Hanky
  • Drivers License
  • Lipstick 
  • Perfume 
  • Tampon 
Stone Age   -  aka baby   { nursling dinosaurs }
Nappy Bag 
  • Car Keys  - RACV card
  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Pins
  • Creams
  • Dumby
  • Spew Cloth
  • Camera + Batteries + film 
  • Hanky
  • Purse - no cash just moths
  • Multiple change of clothes Adult & Child 
Bronze Age - aka toddler { Little Neaderthals }
Large Bag 
  • Car Keys  - RACV card
  • Training Pants - multiple pairs
  • Wipes
  • Plastic spoons 
  • Dumby
  • Bandaids 
  • Board Books
  • Bug Spray
  • Pads
  • Camera + Batteries + film 
  • Hanky
  • Purse still no cash just moths
Iron Age -  aka Primary School{ Cave Dwellers }
Basket - trend of the 90's
  • Car Keys  - RACV card
  • Tampons
  • Camera + Batteries + film 
  • Hanky
  • Purse - small coinage - lunch order money 
  • Mail made from parchment with indistinguishable hieroglyphics  
  • Lipgloss
  • Sweet Confection - commonly understood to be used for bribery
  • Instant Coffee Sachets
  • Magazine - for the purpose of entertainment in the long car lines at school
Roman Period  -  aka highschool  { Waring Romans }
Large Handbag 
  • Car Keys  - RACV card
  • Tampons
  • Camera + Batteries NOW digital
  • Hanky
  • Large Purse empty - Cards now
  • Mobile Phone 
  • DS + Accessories
  • MP3
  • Cosmetic purse - anti aging treatments
  • Panadol
  • Glasses
  • Deodorant
  • Notebook / pen 
Byzantine Period  - aka only 2 at home { Crusaders with attitude } 
Shoulder Bag 
  • Car Keys  - RACV card
  • Camera + Batteries  - USB 
  • Hanky
  • Large Purse empty - Cards now
  • Mobile Phone 
  • Lipstick 
  • Perfume
  • Cosmetic Purse - Anti aging creams and war paint
  • Small Zippered Purse - hidden cash
  • Glasses Case - for extra pair of glasses
  • Earphones
  • IPad
 Aptly named I foresee the next  period in my life to be the
 ' OTTOMAN ' Period. - aka all flown the coop  { Jetsons } 

  • Hanky 
  • Back to pads for LBL 
  • Spac filler for restoring cracked and weathered porcelain
  • Magnifying Glasses actually I already own these
  • Who knows what else - it might be all built in or tattooed on !!
Car Keys  - RACV card.....  You may have notice the number one repetitive position  - I am always locking my keys in the car.... 

Mrs Indianna Jones signing off  in situ at the Great Excavation of ye olde saddlebag. 


Day |14 Books, books and more books.

Books that may have impacted my Life ....

5 Books  | Well maybe a tad more.
    |1      How to turn your ex - boyfriend into a Toad and other spells        - by Deborah Grey.
             The Good Witch's Guide to Sexy Sorcery                                 - by Deborah Grey
             The Nice Girls book of Naughty Spells                                     - by Deborah Grey
Following a nasty divorce and violent husband these books were a light hearted distraction. But they also helped me find time for me and some mystical type pampering and self awareness amazingly

    |2     The Secret                                                                              - by Rhonda Byrne 
            The key to Living the Law of Attraction                                      - by Jack Canfield 
I love these books and have found them very inspiring and it whatever way you interpret them it seems to work.  I am always putting things out to the universe. My mother put getting a carpark at the front door of the supermarket out to the universe in the form of a prayer to Saint Anthony and she believed AND she always got a park. 

    |3     Wreck this Journal
            The Pocket Scavenger
            Finish This Book 
            How to be an Explorer of the World  - Portable Life Museum      
            The Guerilla Art Kit                                                         ALL  - by Keri Smith
I love these books , they were a present from my daughter Anna can we see a pattern forming yet peeps? They are so much fun and light hearted not to mention thought provoking and really help break Arty inhibitions.

    |4     the life - changing magic of tidying up                                      - by Marie Kondo
OMG the best book EVA is all I can say !!

    |5     The Crossroads of Should and Must - Find and follow your passion     - by Elle Luna 
OK so this is the second best book EVA.....

While teaching Art to Primary school students I came across a set of books that impacted both my life and that of many of my students. I couldn't recommend these book more highly if you teach art.

     These Books were written by Peter H Reynolds :
Well I hope my list has not only been informative but given you a giggle as well. 


Day | 13 This Season in my Life - An unforeseen observation !

L -R 1 Laterooms 2 The Age  3 4 5 6 7 my images.

Mood Board for this season in my Life. 

When I planned this post my plan for this mood board was heading in a whole other direction. 
I had planned to talk about my first grandchild and the freedom in my life as the young ones are now in high school. 

So when I was perusing through thousands of my photos there was nearly as many transport photos as cups of coffee. This came as a surprise to me. Most of these photos were taken in the last 12 months and so it became apparent to me that I was obviously heavily into varied modes of transport. 

Melbourne Airport. 
This is a place I seem to be at  regularly unfortunately not that I am traveling anywhere.
  • My dad is a standing member of the Grey Nomads if he is not towing his caravan around the country he flying around the globe. 
  • My middle girls have a passion for travel and are simply working to support their travel habit. I suppose one could have worse habits. 
  • Younger girls striving for some great overseas school trips. 
  • Arrival and Departure of overseas family members.

V Line - Train 
Now here is a form of transport I can embrace {sometimes}. A quick jaunt into the city, no parking fees, no tolls, no traffic and NO SEAT. 

Sim's Car 
Now the prospect of going any where with my scrappy partner in crime is exciting, as her car is bigger than mine and has heated seats. We take hers on most of our scrappy adventures, I navigate our way to essential coffee/ winery stops. Always  fully loaded to the roof with scrappy supplies, delicious food and just a few bottles wink wink nod nod.

Air Ballooning 
The one thing I have ticked of my Bucket List thanks to one of my daughters - Anna. This package was a present for my 50th and included a luxury suite at The Windsor with High Tea. Dawn Balloon flight over Melbourne followed by Champagne Breakfast Buffet at The Hilton. 

Spirit of Tasmania  
This is another launching point for my kids as it is a very affordable overnight ferry trip to Tasmania. 

Well seriously who wouldn't want one !

V Line - Coach 
For when the trains don't run - frequently.
But more importantly my children's mode of transport to school. This is the most profound because it frees up almost an hour at either end of the day by not having to drive them to school. It also allows me the freedom to go out of town and not have to rush back for school pick up. 

So there you have it a mood board that I would never have though of, but one that as huge ramifications of my life. 

Marie signing off till tomorrow, thanks again for popping in. 

Day |12 Currently on this Saturday

Currently on this bright and sunny day I am...........

  • Reading  - Dan Brown Inferno  and  Re-reading The Crossroads of Should and Must by Ella Luna .
  • Playing - In the Herb Garden. 
  • Trying - to perfect Macarons.
  • Cooking - Chicken and Leek Pies. 
  • Eating - Cheese and Fresh Fruit. 
  • Drinking - Always but presently an ice cold Pinot Grio.
  • Calling  - Scrappy girlfriends to organise a playdate this coming week. 
  • Texting - Older daughters for a weekend check in to see how they are doing. One is pregnant.
  • Pinning - Halloween Dinner Party ideas.
  • Going  -  To meet and play with Finnabair 
  • Loving - That the weather is sunny and I can play in the garden. 
  • Hating - Teenage daughter's attitude. 
  • Discovering - Mixed Media and loving it. Getting my ink and paint on. 
  • Thinking - I would like to map out a plan for the garden once and for all. Back to Pinterest.
  • Feeling - At peace and calm in the sunshine. OR maybe it's the wine. 
  • Hoping - For more sunshine and a productive week sorting { Kon- maring } out my studio.
  • Listening - Birds, Spotify, more specifically my classical playlist. 
  • Celebrating -  Spring - might throw a dinner party.
  • Smelling - Blossom from the fruit trees and Jonquils.
  • Thanking - 
  • Considering - A Joint Scrappy /Arty Project with my daughter. 
  • Starting - Design Team Applications &  New Project - Bucket List Album 
  • Finishing - Week in The Life album. Kon- Maring the HOUSE!! 
  • Continuing - Photographing, Project Life and raising teenagers.
  • Ordering  - I shouldn' really..... 
However -

Wendy Vecchi Accessory Bag  Blue Bazaar  preorder $15.95au

My Minds Eye - My Story  Sassyscrappers 
New Coffee Mug  Typo 

Stamps & PL Cards Christine Herrin   But I can't decide which ones. 



Day | 11 Date Night with Ichabod Crane

Date Night with Ichabod Crane

Image via Google 

Todays prompt: Its Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do ? 

Well you wouldn't find me venturing to far for the TV on a Friday night while Sleepy Hollow is playing. Because I have a standing date with Ichabod Crane. 
Like clockwork 8.30 pm and the rest of the family rise for the couch and leave the room. The TV and the couch is mine all mine and Ichabods. Glass of wine and some small piece of deliciousness and I am in utter bliss. 
If the episode is extremely good then I can scrap for another hour and watch it again on FOX8 +2.
I really must learn how to record the TV. 

Thanks for popping in this evening however you'll understand that at 8.25 on a Friday evening this is a short post.......... Ichabod awaits. 



Day |10 Bucket List.

Making My Bucket List 

So they say 50 is the new 40 well that maybe so, but my joints tell me different. I have made feeble attempts over the years so  maybe it is time to get serious about this Bucket List concept. 
With this in mind and as if I don't have enough crafty projects on my table I'm going start a bucket list album and start ticking off the list.  

The List 

  • Hot Air Ballooning                                                                                              | Tick
  • Experience a White Christmas.
  • Visit a Cocktail Ice Bar.
  • Live a note in a book in one of the Great Libraries of the world. 
  • Pay for a strangers groceries. 
  • View the Northern Lights from the Glass Igloo hotel in Finland.
  • Walk behind a Waterfall.
  • Write a cookbook.
  • Visit / Own a piece of Scotland with a Title.
  • Write a love letter and place it in Juliets wall.
  • Ride a Gondola in Venice.
  • Throw coins in the Trevi Fountain.
  • Photograph the beautiful coloured houses of Cinque Terre.
  • Guzzle wine in the courtyard of a Tuscan Winery. 
  • Paint on the banks of the River Seine in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Ride an Elephant. 
  • Place a lock on one of the Love Bridges.
  • Plant a traditional English Pottager garden.
  • Go Glamping in Africa.
  • Have my photos or work published
Design and build my dream home which would include a : 
  • Firemans Pole
  • Spiral Staircase                                                                          | Half Tick
  • Conservatory
  • Studio
  • State of the art kitchen
So now to work at ticking some of these off before I find more to add.
Thanks for popping by.

Day | 8 4 Seasons in a Day

Images from Pinterest - Mood Board by Me 

"This is the gentlest season of the year.
From mists of pearl and gold
The slow sweet hours unfold
To crystal colours, still
As a glass, but not so chill.

All birds speak softly in the Autumn bush.
One bellbird from the deep
Like a call heard in sleep
Chimes: in the bronze-gold gloom
Cool greenhood orchids bloom.

This is the kindliest season of the year.
The sun's gold arrows all
Have lost their barbs: thick fall
The berries ripe, and still
The birds may have their fill.

Now peace and plenteousness have spread their wings
After the blessed rains
On Autumn's hills and plains;
We too give thanks and bless
This southland's graciousness.

 My Favourite Season.

Autumn - Fall is most definitely my season of seasons. 
I love the rolling fog of the mornings that clears to a sparkling day of mild temperatures and sunshine.
I love the dew caught in the cobwebs strung between the bare branches of the trees after all the leaves have fallen. 
I love the shorter evenings which means the kids will go to bed on time without arguing the sun is still up. 
I love the Autumn flush of roses on the bushes the blooms look so different to the flush in Spring. 
I love the golden light and longer shadows of Autumn as the sun moves North. 
I love the change of wardrobe to warm handknitted socks and scarves. From thongs { flip Flops } to boots and now the addition of my all time favourite the cardi { cardigan }. 
I love this season for all the beautiful fresh produce from the farmers market for baking delicious cakes and desserts. Warming, delicious comfort food for the cooler evening suppers. 
I love outdoor entertaining in the Autumn, the fire restrictions have been lifted and we can have a fire outside, twinkling lights in the trees and laughter of adults and children alike as we while away the evening with good food { always in this house } good wine and best of all good friends plus there children. 

The one thing I hate about the Southern Hemisphere Autumn is the scrapping products!! 
We have pumpkins for Easter not Halloween. We have Spring Showers and flowers for Halloween. 
I would love a designer to make season specific products for the South - 
Sorry for the rant but it is a real bugbear with me. 

Thanks for popping in again today 

Day |7 What's in a name.

Pondering !

What's in a name.
Finding just the right name for a blog to me anyway it probably the most difficult initial part of blogging. Mine came to one day while i was fueling my Pinterest addiction.
I came across this. 

Image via Pinterest 

This just made me smile and that was that I had found the spark that then became Letter25. 
After considerable shuffling around and searching the web Letter25 was available across many of the social media platforms. So there you have it the conception of the name Letter25. 

Thanks for popping in today.


Day | 6 Style & Trend

I am a Gemini, the above picture completely depicts the battle in my head on a daily basis. 


I battle each and every day, my head and my heart. 
My head loves the above left picture clean and simple black and white industrial modern.
My heart loves the right picture a riot of colour and an explosion of bohemian eclectic.

In my advancing years I am noticing a move towards the simplicity of the modern industrial and am finding peace in that style. 

Where fashion is concerned I walk to the beat of my own drum. So not a fashion follower - I aim for comfort with a touch of style. I stick to the same colours: black,white,grey, navy and acid green. My jewellery is where my right brain runs amok. 
My passion for papercraft is my outlet in where I can allow my right brain function to run wild. 
I have found many comments on my Instagram that say Marie we can never pick your pages you don't have a definitive style. This is true it is here where I can allow myself to follow the trends.  
Scrapbooking / Project Life is where i mix it up and use whatever takes my fancy on the day. 

Papercraft Trends I'm crushing on.

  • Stamping 
  • Stencils
  • Mixed Media
  • Watercolour

This weeks pages sum up just what I am saying 

So from my left brain thank you and good bye. 
From my right brain Merci and Au Revoir.  


Apart from the my LO's all images are from Pinterest. 

 photo copyright.jpg
envye template.