Wow November already.

Well how exciting is my life right now ....
Not only did I make the beautiful and talented Jessica Upton's Colorcast Design team for the Holiday Season but I was also honoured to become a revered CSI Color Stories Inspirations Detective.

Just goes to show all those years of watching :
Starsky and Hutch
Charlies Angels
Midsommer Murders
Murder She Wrote
Magnum PI
New tricks
Diagnosis Murder
Death in Paradise

Have seriously paid off.

So now to get to work and produce some art/memeory keeping to show case both  Jessicas products and the awesome challenges over at CSI Please check them both out you can find links Colorcast here and Color Stories Inspiration here

Thank you both for choosing me to join your teams..

Colorcast Design with Pink Acrylic Hearts 

And Halloween with beautiful acrylic Bats ...

Thanks for stopping by - Marie 


CSI Colour Stories Inspiration

CSI  | Colour Stories Inspiration 

No. 176 

So the idea is to take this inspiration and knock out a LO.  How can you fail ?  The inspiration is in the gallery over at Color Stories Inspirations and the Case File tells you exactly what elements to add to your  LO.  Easy Peasy really ... 
They even include the colour panetoned for digi scrappers. 
Have i said how much i love this site. You will find the challenge here

So here is my take on No. 176 

This LO is of Emily a few years ago at a friends and family Australia Day BBQ. I love any excuse to get out and about with my friends and family and have a great time. The weather is always beautiful and often we find ourselves at the beach . 

No. 177

I love this case file it had such a woodsy feel to it. I even made my first You-tube video of picking a mini kit to make this LO..  So here is the end result . 

My take on Case File No. 177

We have quiet a few scheduled photoshoots on the calendar every year. Christmas, Australia Day, St Patricks Day, Easter and Halloween.  This one is from a St Patricks Day shoot a year when the kids refused to dress up but were happy to wear green and pose.  One has to take what one can get I suppose. So there you have it case file 177. You will find the challenge here 

Also and even more exciting from my point of view any is that I made a You-tube video!  My first!
I did my video on picking a kit to make this LO so if you're interested .......

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