Easter At the Beach

Easter Holidays at Phillip Island ...
We have had a lovely weekend away with family and friends in a 2 story house at Phillip Island ..
Saturday we headed to Amaze and things and had a fabulous day ..
The gravity room did my head in but the kids loved it Emily was standing on a ladder and leaning into the room where she should have fallen off. The water in the fish tank was on an angle and sitting on chair that moved up steel rods insted of down..
Olivia loved these red rods that you pushed through a wall and made a pattern on the other side - i have a cool piscture where she leaned against them and you can see the out line of her body but it must be on the stick of pictures i haven't loaded yet.
Dad and Emily did the vertical slide Emily hung there in mid air and then decided not to drop so with dads help she climbed back in..So dad went down with a woosh and then Emily decided to have another go .. She loved it so much she did it several times..
Olivia prefered the Pirate wooden maze but Emily got lost ..
After all this we relaxed in the cafe with a nice LOOONNNGG game of chess..

For the rest of the weekend we just caught the waves and the rays and had our Easter egg hunt ... Very relaxing ..


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