Day | 13 This Season in my Life - An unforeseen observation !

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Mood Board for this season in my Life. 

When I planned this post my plan for this mood board was heading in a whole other direction. 
I had planned to talk about my first grandchild and the freedom in my life as the young ones are now in high school. 

So when I was perusing through thousands of my photos there was nearly as many transport photos as cups of coffee. This came as a surprise to me. Most of these photos were taken in the last 12 months and so it became apparent to me that I was obviously heavily into varied modes of transport. 

Melbourne Airport. 
This is a place I seem to be at  regularly unfortunately not that I am traveling anywhere.
  • My dad is a standing member of the Grey Nomads if he is not towing his caravan around the country he flying around the globe. 
  • My middle girls have a passion for travel and are simply working to support their travel habit. I suppose one could have worse habits. 
  • Younger girls striving for some great overseas school trips. 
  • Arrival and Departure of overseas family members.

V Line - Train 
Now here is a form of transport I can embrace {sometimes}. A quick jaunt into the city, no parking fees, no tolls, no traffic and NO SEAT. 

Sim's Car 
Now the prospect of going any where with my scrappy partner in crime is exciting, as her car is bigger than mine and has heated seats. We take hers on most of our scrappy adventures, I navigate our way to essential coffee/ winery stops. Always  fully loaded to the roof with scrappy supplies, delicious food and just a few bottles wink wink nod nod.

Air Ballooning 
The one thing I have ticked of my Bucket List thanks to one of my daughters - Anna. This package was a present for my 50th and included a luxury suite at The Windsor with High Tea. Dawn Balloon flight over Melbourne followed by Champagne Breakfast Buffet at The Hilton. 

Spirit of Tasmania  
This is another launching point for my kids as it is a very affordable overnight ferry trip to Tasmania. 

Well seriously who wouldn't want one !

V Line - Coach 
For when the trains don't run - frequently.
But more importantly my children's mode of transport to school. This is the most profound because it frees up almost an hour at either end of the day by not having to drive them to school. It also allows me the freedom to go out of town and not have to rush back for school pick up. 

So there you have it a mood board that I would never have though of, but one that as huge ramifications of my life. 

Marie signing off till tomorrow, thanks again for popping in. 


  1. Wow, a lot of transportation in your collage, nice.....you seem to be getting out there...love it! Can I borrow that hot air balloon?!?!?!? LOL!

  2. It's so great when a realisation like this comes to us isn't it? [So jealous of your balloon ride, it's one of the things I absolutely have to do before you-know-what!]


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