Day |14 Books, books and more books.

Books that may have impacted my Life ....

5 Books  | Well maybe a tad more.
    |1      How to turn your ex - boyfriend into a Toad and other spells        - by Deborah Grey.
             The Good Witch's Guide to Sexy Sorcery                                 - by Deborah Grey
             The Nice Girls book of Naughty Spells                                     - by Deborah Grey
Following a nasty divorce and violent husband these books were a light hearted distraction. But they also helped me find time for me and some mystical type pampering and self awareness amazingly

    |2     The Secret                                                                              - by Rhonda Byrne 
            The key to Living the Law of Attraction                                      - by Jack Canfield 
I love these books and have found them very inspiring and it whatever way you interpret them it seems to work.  I am always putting things out to the universe. My mother put getting a carpark at the front door of the supermarket out to the universe in the form of a prayer to Saint Anthony and she believed AND she always got a park. 

    |3     Wreck this Journal
            The Pocket Scavenger
            Finish This Book 
            How to be an Explorer of the World  - Portable Life Museum      
            The Guerilla Art Kit                                                         ALL  - by Keri Smith
I love these books , they were a present from my daughter Anna can we see a pattern forming yet peeps? They are so much fun and light hearted not to mention thought provoking and really help break Arty inhibitions.

    |4     the life - changing magic of tidying up                                      - by Marie Kondo
OMG the best book EVA is all I can say !!

    |5     The Crossroads of Should and Must - Find and follow your passion     - by Elle Luna 
OK so this is the second best book EVA.....

While teaching Art to Primary school students I came across a set of books that impacted both my life and that of many of my students. I couldn't recommend these book more highly if you teach art.

     These Books were written by Peter H Reynolds :
Well I hope my list has not only been informative but given you a giggle as well. 


  1. I love The Dot and Ish! (I haven't heard of Sky Colour, so I'll be looking that one up!)

    the Noveltea Corner

  2. I'm eagerly awaiting my turn to read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up! I'm on the waiting list at the library and it's hard to be patient!

  3. Me, too, Donna! I have heard such wonderful things, and I certainly can use some help in that area!

  4. Definitely gave me a giggle....(I'm so heartened to know that it *is* possible to find the lighter side of the world, and to laugh and enjoy life as much as you do after one has experienced a violent husband..there are some days I don't see how that might be possible, personally)....we *love* The Dot and Ish in our home....and I'm definitely going to check out the 'Crossroads of should and must' book (sounds like something I really need to read!)...Helen xx


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