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"This is the gentlest season of the year.
From mists of pearl and gold
The slow sweet hours unfold
To crystal colours, still
As a glass, but not so chill.

All birds speak softly in the Autumn bush.
One bellbird from the deep
Like a call heard in sleep
Chimes: in the bronze-gold gloom
Cool greenhood orchids bloom.

This is the kindliest season of the year.
The sun's gold arrows all
Have lost their barbs: thick fall
The berries ripe, and still
The birds may have their fill.

Now peace and plenteousness have spread their wings
After the blessed rains
On Autumn's hills and plains;
We too give thanks and bless
This southland's graciousness.

 My Favourite Season.

Autumn - Fall is most definitely my season of seasons. 
I love the rolling fog of the mornings that clears to a sparkling day of mild temperatures and sunshine.
I love the dew caught in the cobwebs strung between the bare branches of the trees after all the leaves have fallen. 
I love the shorter evenings which means the kids will go to bed on time without arguing the sun is still up. 
I love the Autumn flush of roses on the bushes the blooms look so different to the flush in Spring. 
I love the golden light and longer shadows of Autumn as the sun moves North. 
I love the change of wardrobe to warm handknitted socks and scarves. From thongs { flip Flops } to boots and now the addition of my all time favourite the cardi { cardigan }. 
I love this season for all the beautiful fresh produce from the farmers market for baking delicious cakes and desserts. Warming, delicious comfort food for the cooler evening suppers. 
I love outdoor entertaining in the Autumn, the fire restrictions have been lifted and we can have a fire outside, twinkling lights in the trees and laughter of adults and children alike as we while away the evening with good food { always in this house } good wine and best of all good friends plus there children. 

The one thing I hate about the Southern Hemisphere Autumn is the scrapping products!! 
We have pumpkins for Easter not Halloween. We have Spring Showers and flowers for Halloween. 
I would love a designer to make season specific products for the South - 
Sorry for the rant but it is a real bugbear with me. 

Thanks for popping in again today 

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