Day |16 Me VS Me basically.

Todays post is about the online ME VS. the Real Me.
Well todays post is going to be a short one then isn't it - NO DIFFERENCE.  End of story. 

Ok so if I have to elaborate - 

I feel that what you see is what you get either on social media or in person. 

Although on social media a photo can show just a square inch of your life and anyone can clean and tidy a square inch. 

Anyone can paint their face for a selfie, stage an awesome photo etc. and I am guilty of staging a photo as well. But on the whole people appreciate honesty and real life as well as a great photo. I am all for people improving their photography skills. 

I suppose I'm old enough to realise you are who you are and that's a fact. Be who you are whenever and wherever you are. The TRUTH  always comes out - always. 

So to sum up I am who I am on or off ..........

Chin Hairs and all ..

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