Day | 11 Date Night with Ichabod Crane

Date Night with Ichabod Crane

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Todays prompt: Its Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do ? 

Well you wouldn't find me venturing to far for the TV on a Friday night while Sleepy Hollow is playing. Because I have a standing date with Ichabod Crane. 
Like clockwork 8.30 pm and the rest of the family rise for the couch and leave the room. The TV and the couch is mine all mine and Ichabods. Glass of wine and some small piece of deliciousness and I am in utter bliss. 
If the episode is extremely good then I can scrap for another hour and watch it again on FOX8 +2.
I really must learn how to record the TV. 

Thanks for popping in this evening however you'll understand that at 8.25 on a Friday evening this is a short post.......... Ichabod awaits. 


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  1. Had to laugh at your standing date with Ichabod! I have developed quite the crush on Ben Haenow from the XFactor UK 2014; my littles know NOT to disturb me whilst the XFactor is on (we're one season behind where we are).....so glad to hear I'm not the only one exhibiting such 'fantasy cougar-ish behaviours' ;)


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