Day | 24 Beautiful Blogs

Giving a Little Shout out to 
some of my favourite Bloggers .

Lucky I'm a woman and multi skilled. 
I can Read a blog, Watch television and Converse with family
 all at the same time.

| 1  The Paint Brush Goes Spottie

Leeane is a real life friend of mine and is such an inspirational talent
 please check out her blog and tutorials.
 I have been following her for many years.
You can too - here 

| 2  Tracey Holdyk

Although I have only recently met Tracey through Instagram,
I feel we are kindred spirits. 
Totally inspiring soul in everything she does
 and how she lives her life.
Please check out her awesomeness here 

| 3  Things you should know  (for Now)

Brandi is just a mind blowing talent. The Doodler supremo!
Some blogs are easy viewing picture after picture and I like those.
Some blogs are a very worthy read and their inspiration 
can be found in the pictures but also in the words.
A generous soul and a beautiful person.
Check here out here 

|  4  Purplemailbox

Link to youtube video with Soaphousemama 

Now this woman is just so amazing words can barely describe.
 I am constantly stalking her you tube.  
Please check her out for yourselves here

| 5  Betwixt & Between

Aimee and Chris are EXPECTING

Now as she is my daughter I really have to include her  - right? 
Seriously she is an amazing blogger on so many different levels. 
Photography, styling, PL, scrapbooking, out & about. 
Soon to be mother will add yet another string to her bow. 
Check it all out here

The list could go on and on but these are just some of the wonderfully talented people
out there I visit for inspiration.



  1. OMG you are such a sweet lady. Thank you for your beautiful words. I really hope one day we can get to meet in person

  2. I've been so behind in my blog reading and when I saw this tonight it completely stopped me in my tracks. You're so awesome, and such a creative inspiration - that you for your awesome words! -brandi


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