Day | 25 Music to connect with.

Music In My Empty Nest This Week 

Empty Nest bliss this week with all the children away. 
I had total control of music genre and sound level {loud} and of the T.V. 
How many more years is it before they all fly the nest ???
As I am not a religious or spiritual person I can't say that any particular songs speak to me. 
However the music and the beat behind the lyrics is another matter. 
I think my family can tell in which frame of mind I am by which type of music is playing on the Ipad.
Funnily enough this it has been set to Classical Play list ALL week.
I wonder what that says about my week at home alone.
Below I have added a few favourites from Classical play list. 

The Mission - Ennio Morricone 

Theme from Pirates of the Caribbean 
My ALL time favourite scene is in the first movie where Jack Sparrow
sails into dock and casually steps of the mast as the boat sinks.

This is a much loved movie in our home. 
The Leprechauns
Theme - Fly Away by Emma Townshend 

This is my on repeat piece of music at the moment.
Johann Sebastian Bach cello suite no 1 prelude in g major

My Spotify Classical Play List can be found here


  1. I enjoyed your classical playlist, especially the cello suite by Bach.

  2. When I'm alone I have 2 genres I can be found listening too... Classic Rock and/or Classical! Apparently I'm just a classic ;)


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