Day | 5 Spotify on Shuffle - Top 10

Spotify on Shuffle - First 10 Played.

Upon rising each morning on my way to the coffee machine a detour past the Ipad is habitual. Monday - Friday Songs from my daily playlist at full tempo as an alarm to the children, on the weekend I am more sensitive and it from classical playlist at a medium tempo. 

I can't believe my children were all Spotify fans and never told ME.  It wasn't till I discovered Margareta Carlsson and her Scrap your Stash Kit project that I discovered her Spotify. Every month Margareta would publish a corresponding Spotify playlist to go with her themed kits. I was done for, a die hard Spotify fan now.   

1 |  Forever Autumn 
Jeff Wayne    
             The war of the Worlds 

2 |  Homeless
         Paul Simon 

3 | Dear Marie 
   John Mayer
           Paradise Valley 

4 | Amnesia 
                       5 Seconds of Summer 

5 | Suite No. 1
                      G Major for Solo Cello 
                              If I Stay - Movie Soundtrack 

   6 |  The Entertainer 
Billy Joel 

  7 |  There's A Hole In The Bucket 
 Harry Belafonte & Odetta

  8 | Ugly Heart 

        9 | Evening Falls 

                     10 |  Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum 
              Middle of the Road

The Scoop 

My earliest memories containing music would be Sundays.  Early morning in the kitchen, dad lifting me up onto the kitchen counter to buckle up my shiny patent leather shoes for Church. We would twirl around the kitchen to Johnny Horton, Charlie Pride or Johnny Cash. This is something he still does even today at 86. This photo was taken last school holidays when the twins and I went to stay with him for a week. Emily, Pa and Benson getting down to Johnny Horton in the kitchen. 

On this visit to Pa's he felt that maybe he should buy one of those new fangled things - A CD PLAYER for the kids to be able to play their music on.  There was a resounding cry from the girls saying NO they loved playing his old records it was one of the best parts of coming for a holiday. Pa was chuffed and they continued to dance. 

Sunday afternoons were for Mum and I watching musicals on TV. Howard Keel, Doris Day, Harry Belafonte, Danny Kaye and the like were her favourites. I might add they are mine too. Dad might have been persuaded to join us if the movie starred Debbie Reynolds { wink wink nod nod } 

Just recently Foxtel has been playing 7 Brides for 7 Brothers I insisted that we watch as a family and now to my amazement I have found the twins watching it EVERY time it comes on..

Just to wrap up - I would like to think I have instilled in my children a love music across many genres. I am surprised none of my friends and family mentioned music yesterday in the interview about my passions.  

Thank again for popping by.


  1. Omg Charlie pride, Harry belafonte, the old movies - totally love it and it's sounds like my childhood. I still have all my old 45s. Great post

  2. Thanks Tracey yep i have mine too but they lives at Dads with the record player...


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