Day |2 My Ideal Day

Oh what would my Ideal Day hold, do I dare think about it?

  • To wake early on an Autumn morning as there would be no frosts yet and the air is still warm. 
  • Taking an early morning stroll along our pristine beaches.
  • Returning home to Good coffee and a cooked breakfast of bacon, onions, mushrooms and avocado on sourdough toast with a side of maple syrup. 
  •  Leisurely sit in the garden and read for a while - I love the song of our native birds especially the laughter of a Kookaburra. 
  • I absolutely love my own company and am perfectly happy alone. Music quietly in the background. 
  • Morning Tea Time - Iced Tea and a tangy Lemon Tart  should kick start me into the day.
  • To have an outdoor studio open to the garden would be my dream, filled with light. There I would while away the day playing with paint and paper. 
  • No neighbours would an absolute necessity - I like my afternoon muzac LOUD. 
  • Late afternoon I would retire to the kitchen by way of the pottager garden with my basket to collect supplies for dinner. 
  • A crisp chilled riesling in hand, a stunning cheese board, 60's music {so we can get our groove on around the kitchen} and the twins { when they are not squabbling } cooking a gourmet dinner. 
  • Eating outside in the garden in the evening warmth and beautiful golden light. 
  • NO mozzies!
  • After dark cozy inside with the family playing a board game. 
  • Ending the day on the couch with a port and a little secret supper snack watching TV to wind down the PERFECT day. 

WOW that all sound likes a fairy tale. But what a beautiful fairytale it is and I suppose not entirely in the realm of impossible.

Well we are 2 for 2 loving this blog challenge.
Thanks again for dropping by.



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